We were inspired by the opportunity to travel to the Holy Land and renew our matrimonial vows while celebrating our anniversary. — Myriam and Sergio, Miami, Florida

I had a very nice trip. The Acropolis was wonderful. The guides were great. It was inspirational visit to the Holy Land. — Jeanette, Miami, Florida

This has been an incredible trip. So inspirational. I have learned much about my religion and will pass it on to my kids. Met such wonderful folks. God bless us all! — K. Miami, Florida

This was a wonderful pilgrimage! Walking in the steps of St. Paul was a spiritual renewal that I am grateful to have done. The Sea of Galilee was very moving. I felt like I was there and could see Jesus and his followers at sea. Many wonderful l friendships were established. I appreciate our cruise experience. — Maureen, Miami, Florida

Beautiful trip. Thanks for the opportunity to visit the Holy Land which had always been our dream. Turkey was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Blessings to all! — Myrna & Rafael, Miami, Florida

Only God could have created the world. Thank you Suzanne for preparing the trip for us to enjoy some of God’s creation. — Dee, Miami, Florida

I am a seasoned traveler but this is my first pilgrimage, and I find it very fulfilling spiritually. Steps of Paul designed a lovely itinerary and handled the group beautifully. To have celebrated mass at the home of the Blessed Mother was a highlight for me. The tour guides were the best of the best. The land transportation was superb, lovely buses. Bible interpretations were excellent and our spiritual leaders were studied and thorough regarding Paul and Peter’s travels. Thank you Suzanne for a fine idea that helped our Respect for Life Ministry. — Pat, Coral Gables, Florida

I just want to thank you so much for all that you did to make the fundraising possible. I have distributed the money to our two offices who are getting ultrasound and they are so grateful. God bless you for all you do for LIFE. — Joan, Miami, Florida

Thank you , thank you for organizing such a wonderful cruise, truly inspirational. Our guides were excellent. Our greatest memory was crossing Galilee. I will live with my memories. A beautiful experience. I walked in the steps of Jesus. — E. Miami, Florida

This has been a life changing experience. Thank you for making this so memorable. — Chris, Miami, Florida

There are no words to adequately describe Journey. Thanks to Suzanne, This will change me and the way I read and study the Bible. — Claudette, Miami, Florida

I am very happy with my first experience travelling outside of the U.S.A. I delivered to God completely. All the people and friends in the group were very nice people. I loved everything. — Carmen, Miami, Florida

Any such Pilgrimage is notable gift from God. I found it perfect enough. Thanks for all that you do for Life and the enrichment of our prayer life through these experiences. May the good you do come back to you. — Rena, Miami, Florida

Thank you for letting us join in your group on the bus. I enjoyed the masses and fellowship.– Linda, Miami ,Florida

God’s abundant blessings were evident on this pilgrimage, a moving experience for me was the Garden. So many people of all nations received the gift of tears. I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the wonderful experience we have had!!! Thank you Faithful Travels, Suzanne. We will never forget the special moments; Bethlehem where the word was made flesh. The Mass at the Mt. of the Beatitudes. I will never forget Galilee, Jerusalem. All the people that traveled with us were the best part . I would recommend this trip to everyone I encounter. The Bible will read with a new understanding. Thanks again. — Ofelia & Nancy, Miami, Florida

Suzanne, Words cannot express my gratitude for the wonderful trip to the Holy Land.–
Shirley, New Jersey

Thank you for such a great trip. We pray God will bless you. — Bill & Terry, New Jersey

The trip to the Holy Land and then following in Paul’s footsteps was a trip that I have dreamed of taking for quite some time. I enjoyed the cruise ship and the friendly crew as well as the wonderful l lectures and nightly entertainment. I will never forget seeing the city of Jerusalem for the first time and how beautiful it was. Loved having lunches by the Sea of Galilee and the Nile and by the canal in Greece. An amazing trip that strengthened my faith. — Donna, Miami, Florida

I took over 1300 pictures. This was a lifelong dream for me and the fact that I could see more than one country was a wonderful gift. — Jeri, Jacksonville, Florida

Testimonials from Steps of Paul pilgrimage to the Lands of the Bible; March 2009 (Enjoy a video from our last pilgrimage March 2009 here)

“Great pilgrimage and religious experience.” — Dolores

“The pilgrimage for me was ‘grace filled’ and a wonderful unity and family spirit among the pilgrims.  God bless respect life.” — Father Dan Doyle

“Thank you for the wonderful trip.  It was a great experience.” — Kathy

“Thank you for a wonderful trip and tour.  I am very pleased with my decision in coming here.” — Tamara

“This was an incredible trip – so inspirational — I have learned much of my religion… It has been a wonderful experience overall but what really touched me the most was the Sheppard’s cave when Father John read the nativity passage from the Bible and then we started to sing silent night – I am sure the Holy Spirit touched me because i was so moved it brought tears to my eyes – thanks Father John.” — Vivian

“This was a wonderful and inspirational trip – thank you for organizing it.” — Susan

“This has been a wonderful trip.  I have received many blessings.  Thanks for an exciting pilgrimage.
This trip has been a revelation!  It has been more then i had ever imagined.  I feel privileged and blessed to have walked and prayed in the holy sites.  Frs. Doyle, Fink and Jesus brought a special spiritually to the experience. Many thanks to all who made this possible.” —  Mary Alice

“I have had a very enlightening trip.  Now I will be able to picture the place Jesus and Paul were.  Thank you for planning it.”  Katie

“Holy Week will have much more meaning for me this year and every year.” — Marie

“We walked in His footsteps!!” — Jerry and Gail

“Great trip and wonderful people.” — Caroline

“Wanted to see the holy sites from the Bible to be able to understand the scriptures….” — Rosalind

“The sea of Galilee was very moving and I felt like I was there and could see Jesus….” — Maureen

“Beautiful trip.  To visit the Holy Land has always been our dream….” Myrna and Rafael

“Only God could have created this world….thank you for preparing the trip for us to enjoy some of God’s creation.” — Dee

“I am grateful to God to be a part of this trip.”  — Joyce

“It was a great trip full of daily blessings, abundant grace and a time to be renewed in Christ.” — Father John Fink

“Thanks thanks thanks.  I’m still digesting our 1500-plus pictures and unpacking.   God bless you for all your efforts.” — Bill

“Thank you again for a lovely experience….God bless.” — Maria

“I will start by saying that I had a blessed moment of grace in the cave at Sheppard’s field after Fr. John had led our prayer service and we were singing “Oh little town of Bethlehem.”   I had a sudden strong memory and sense of my dear husband Ken, who died two years ago, the strong message that he was praying for me, and had prayed for this much longed for trip to the holy land…..it as a holy moment and I cried there in Sheppard’s Cave, feeling so powerfully the strong love of God for me and that my husband Ken is very much alive with Him.” —  Peggy

“It helped me see many things in a new perspective and to continue to pray much.” — Jeri

“Beautiful testimony of faith coming as we begin Holy Week.” — Jeanne

“[I am] a seasoned traveler, but this is my first pilgrimage and I find it very fulfilling spiritually.  Steps of Paul designed a lovely itinerary and handled the group beautifully.  To have celebrated mass at the home of the Blessed Mother was a highlight for me.  The tour guides were the best of the best.  The land transportation was superb, lovely busses!!    Bible interpretations excellent and the three spiritual leaders were studied and thorough regarding Paul and Peter’s travels.   Thank you for a fine idea which helped our Respect Life Ministry.” — Pat